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RSS API Documentation

Evvnt delivers calendar data via RSS feeds. To find the URL of your calendar's RSS feed, look in the 'developers' section of your partner back office.

The structure of our our RSS feeds is as follows:

Section of FeedFieldField description
channel title Name of the feed
link URL of the calendar page
description Description of the feed
dc:source Data sources configured to be included in the feed
item title The title of the event
link URL of the event listing in the calendar
guid Unique identifier (which also happens to be the URL of the event listing in the calendar)
description Event listing description
media:content Images associated with the event listing
dc:date Start date/time of the event in the local time zone
dc:subject Category of the event
georss:point Latitude and Longitude of the event venue (space delimited)
georss:featureTypeTag Location type. Always 'venue'
georss:featureName Name of the venue

Here is an example:

  <rss xmlns:media="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:georss="" version="2.0">
      <title>Evvnt events calendar</title>
      <description>Events publisher to the Evvnt events calendar</description>
        <title>Top Flight Time Machine</title>


            Andy Dawson and Sam Delaney’s highly-acclaimed podcast is finally reimagined as a theatrical experience. This is no ordinary live recording of a podcast episode – Sam and Andy will be carrying out extreme physical movement, while the audience will experience similar emotional movement. This is it!
        <media:content url=""/>
        <georss:point>52.474568 -1.896585</georss:point>
        <georss:featureName>Glee Club Birmingham</georss:featureName>